Global Running Day, Every Day!

Global Running Day, Every Day!

Jun 2, '22

Global Running Day began as National Running Day in 2009, and has really evolved and grown since 2016, with celebrations around the globe. For the past two years, virtual events have become a way to unite the running community while honoring the value of running during a very challenging time.

Although one of the best things about running is that anyone can do it, anytime, anywhere, Global Running Day 2022 boasted runners from over 100 countries who logged their miles on June 1st! Did you take part in any local races? Sign up for a virtual marathon? We want to know how you decided to celebrate! 

But don't let the energy stop there! We love to harp on running benefits and encourage you to keep up your running practice until the next Global Running Day (and beyond!). From mental and physical health, to convenience, affordability, and community, everyone can gain something from getting outside and moving their bodies. And yes, those treadmill miles count too, even if the scenery isn’t as pretty.

One of the themes for Global Running Day this year was “What inspires you?” It may be health, family, community, or even a cause that is close to your heart. Whatever it is, that motivation to keep moving forward is essential to consistency and dedication. We invite you to share what inspires your race motivation on your social media and tag us @armpocket!

At Armpocket, every day is a running day. Marathoners, virtual runners, and indoor gym runners alike, we challenge you to: 

  • Grab a friend
  • Lace up your sneakers
  • Play some awesome music
  • Log your miles, no matter the pace
  • Feel that amazing sense of accomplishment when you’re finished
  • And don’t forget to share to encourage your friends and family to celebrate also!

We are so proud to be part of the running community. Happy Global Running Day to all of you!