Eco Friendly Shopping: Give Up Non-Sustainable Products, Not Quality

Eco Friendly Shopping: Give Up Non-Sustainable Products, Not Quality

Sep 10, '21

When you hear the term eco-friendly, what comes to mind?  If I’m being honest, I used to think, “good for planet Earth, but maybe not good for me in terms of quality.”  And maybe that was the truth when "eco" first became a thing.  Environmentally friendly cleaning products were less potent and items made from recycled materials weren’t as durable.  But technology has improved right along with our desire to protect the Earth. 

Let’s start by talking about what eco-friendly even means.  Broadly, it covers any product that is designed and manufactured in a way to benefit nature. After all, we don't get a new planet once we're through with this one!


Usually these are materials that have been recycled (like from plastic water bottles), can be recycled, or are made from sustainable sources like bamboo.  They also avoid using toxic chemicals in production.


Made in a location that utilizes green resources like solar power.


A product designed to last like a reusable water bottle or grocery bag (to avoid the need of plastic recycling from the start), or an armband with military-grade durability.

The third component (longevity) is one that is so important to us.  Yes, our workout armbands are made of rPET, a material made from recycled plastic bottles and also contain bamboo, one of the best sustainable resources, but we also want to last.  Our goal is that your armband outlasts your phone, so that every few months (or even weeks), you’re not tossing it in the trash.

The Armpocket Elite Series of workout phone holders has been through rigorous testing to withstand your toughest workouts and even the external elements like sweat, water, and mud.  They are machine washable to keep your gear fresh and clean and extend its life for many more runs to come.  We utilize universal sizes and fit your cases and extras like a Popsocket, so that you don’t need a new fitness armband every time you change your accessories.  With our strong, sport Velcro straps in varying lengths, you can wear the same one in summer without any layers and in winter when you need to bundle up in a jacket.



A lot of us buy eco-friendly and accept lower quality.  And some of us are willing to sacrifice the greater good in favor of the best product on the market.  But times are changing, companies are paying attention, and products are evolving, and with the right research, you no longer have to choose.  Armpocket is proud to be among the companies that are providing eco-friendly products with the highest quality.

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