Easy Outside Workouts No Matter Where You Live!

Easy Outside Workouts No Matter Where You Live!

Mar 8, '22

The days are getting longer and the weather is warming up! Whether you’ve spent the winter months in the gym or on your treadmill at home, or maybe even taking a break from fitness, this is your chance to get outside and get your move on! Not only are there so many outdoor options to choose from with endless benefits, but the fresh air makes everything better!

Here are our favorite options by location:

City Living: Choose a destination on a map that you’ve never visited, and run, walk, or rent a bike to get there and back. Don’t cheat, no electric scooter rentals allowed! Use this tactic to see the city and burn off those extra carbs, and to see some of the most amazing sites that maybe you didn't even know were there. Make sure that you look around and enjoy the journey!

Neighborhood Fun: Especially with little kids, you’ll want to get outside to explore. You can always jog while they ride bikes, but don’t forget to take advantage of the local playground, too! For those of you who have been thinking: "Gee, I wish there were a calisthenics park near me," never discount the versatility of a simple playground. You don't have to sit and wait on the park bench while the children play. Monkey bars test your upper body strength and can work for pull-ups also. Chase your kiddos, play tag, take a jump rope. All are fun ways to keep the whole family active. 

Beach Blast: Lucky enough to live on the coast? Of course, you can hop in the ocean and ride the waves, but even in the sand, you can get a great beach workout. Bring a ball for beach volleyball or football. Or go for a walk. Sand has a special way of making those legs work, especially your calves. Throwing yourself a bit off-balance by trudging through shifting sand will make your body work harder than on your usual walk or jog.

Lake Life: The possibilities are endless! Paddle boarding, kayaking, waterskiing, swimming. So many fun activities that give you a total body workout. Bonus if you can do yoga on your paddle board. That takes incredible strength, balance, and coordination. It may be wise to invest in high quality outdoor sporting goods like a waterproof phone arm band to keep your phone, ID, cash, and keys safe while you're out on the water.

At home or on vacation, you can always find a way to move your body, so no excuses! Don’t forget to keep your phone with you in case of emergency—or if you want to take pictures to document the fun! No need to worry about getting caught in the rain or accidental drops while you're outside getting fit. Grab your Armpocket workout armband and with its sweat-, weather-, and drop-proof comfort, move with confidence. Whether you need the best iPhone running app to log your miles, the most durable Google Pixel 6 running armband, or just a way to easily hold your new Galaxy S22 while you chase your kids around, we have the perfect gear for all of your outdoor sports.



Now get outside and have a blast!