Feb 20, '17

Armpocket is and has always been dedicated to fitness and the betterment of the world around us. We pride ourselves on making decisions that will leave a positive impact on the planet. When we met Dennis, we found that his beliefs were very much in line with ours. This is why we decided to sponsor Dennis while he takes part in one of the most challenging Ultra-Marathons known to man, the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc.

In addition to sponsoring Dennis, we are also helping support Soutien Orphenlinat Pagala. The money raised will help fund advances in agriculture, infrastructure, and healthcare for the orphans and sick of Pagala.

Our support, however, wouldn’t be possible without Dennis Koors and his unwavering dedication to health and fitness. To help you get to know Dennis a little better, we sat down to have a quick interview. Enjoy!


Armpocket: “Dennis, please tell us a little about yourself.”


Dennis: “I’m a Denmark native and As a child, my father got a job in Tehran, Iran. We lived there for 1 year+ where my brother and I attended Preschool. We emigrated in 1977.

After an impromptu stay in Egypt, we flew to Miami and stayed for 3 weeks. My parents knew some friends in California, so we moved to West Hollywood for 1 year, before moving 60 km's NW to a Suburban area.

Here we had open hills, good schools, a neighborhood filled with young families, and many great places to truly appreciate an active and fulfilling childhood. I was probably playing in the hills more than I was home.”


Armpocket: What got you into running?

Dennis: “In 1994, at the age of 22, I had pancreatitis and was suddenly hospitalized. There was never an actual explanation for this illness, but the experience was the genesis of my appreciation for health, well-being, and an active lifestyle.

The subsequent diagnoses of my mom with breast cancer and my father’s heart attack only magnified my gratitude for Life and well-being. My father had surgery to fix his arteries and my Mother had chemotherapy, radiation, and 5 operations in 10 months.

Soon, I truly began to understand that we are not entitled to great health. It has to be valued and earned. Every day. So, I began to run for fun.

In 1998, someone asked if I’d like to run a marathon with them. Without evening knowing the distance, I replied “sure, I like a challenge.” About 2 months later I ran the Los Angeles Marathon and experienced (at that time) the most difficult challenge of my Life.

After moving back to Denmark in 1999 and not wanting to miss a year of running a marathon, I ran the Copenhagen Marathon with virtually zero training. Incidentally, the increased difficulty led to increased enrichment of the experience.

These incredibly challenging times became something that I enjoyed and missed, and ultimately sought out.”


Armpocket: “What made you decide you wanted to try UTMB?”

Dennis: “I returned to the United States to complete University and continued to run the L.A. Marathon every year, until reading an Autobiography by an Ultrarunner. This opened my mind to what we are capable of and I sought out the nearest and soonest Ultra-marathon.

In 2005 I ran my first 50 kilometer Race in the mountains and was so compelled by the massive increase in difficulty due to the challenging distance, terrain, and heat.

Participating in Ultrarunning for 11 years, I have completed over 60 Ultra-marathons. Also, I have completed 16 Marathons, three Triathlons, one re-created Iron/Half-Iron Distance triathlon, five solo nighttime Summits of Mount Whitney, two solo 100-kilometer mountain runs, and a solo double-crossing of Grand Canyon (Rim2Rim2Rim).

These Races include Badwater Ultramarathon, a 217 km Race across Death Valley in 55°, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) three times, and once running 50 kilometers to the start of the Los Angeles Triathlon, leaving at midnight and arriving just in time to start the Event.

UTMB is known as the World Summit of Mountain Running and is considered one the most difficult, most beautiful, and most special Races in the World as runners circumnavigate Mont Blanc Massif while crossing through three Countries. Running UTMB has been Life-changing and a Runner can live a Lifetime’s worth of emotions in one epic Race.”


Armpocket: “What drives you to keep going during such an intense event?”

Dennis: “Running is such a pure path to freedom and I absolutely love challenging my limits, overcoming what seems insurmountable, experiencing the lifetime’s worth of emotions in one epic Race, and the life-changing adventure of crossing the Finish Line.

Running has also instilled in me a greater appreciation for mother nature, humility, and a true appreciation for what matters most in Life.”

Armpocket: “When did you first use an Armpocket and what do you like most?

Dennis: “Meeting Jytte and Armpocket was serendipitous. I already wanted an Armpocket before I even knew that it existed when I saw Jytte at the Los Angeles Marathon Expo in March 2009.

As we chatted, I heard her Danish accent and we discovered that we are both Danish, plus she and her husband make a fantastic product that keeps straps and pressures off of one’s waist. Especially in long-distances, this helps avoid stomach discomfort and can make a huge difference in a Race/Run.”

Now that you know how to travel like a pro, let us know where you’re traveling and how your Armpocket will help!



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