Mar 27, '17

To my knowledge, there are three types of gardeners: Casual, Dedicated, and Fanatic. While most people call into the casual category, I clearly fall into the fanatic gardener category.

I walk through and work in my garden every day. Rain, shine, hurricane, tornado…it doesn’t make a difference; I’m in the yard. Growing fruits, vegetables, orchids, and everything else from A to Z keeps me very busy.

Over time I have found that gardening has evolved and the use of technology only goes to enhance my time in the yard. Having my phone handy allows me to snap a quick picture, look up an unknown plant, listen to music, and even take an important phone call.

However, carrying my phone through the garden came with many dangers that often resulted in a trip to the store to get a new phone. I have dropped my phone out of trees, dropped it in a puddle, scratched it on thorns, and even buried it by mistake. Most of these garden mishaps forced me to buy a new phone and cost me more money than I would like to admit.

Then I found Armpocket. At first, I was reluctant because it was originally designed as a fitness armband, but after using an Armpocket I found that it fit perfectly into my daily life. I especially found it useful in the garden. Since getting my first Armpocket, I haven’t damaged a phone in my yard once!

This leads me to my point. I have been a one-man club for far too long now. It’s time I share just how necessary an Armpocket is as part of your gardening arsenal.



For most people, nothing can ruin a perfectly good day in the garden than rain. That is unless you are me. I will garden rain or shine and keeping my phone in an Armpocket means I rarely have to think about the weather.

Okay, so maybe you’re not a fanatic gardener like me. This doesn’t mean you haven’t gotten caught in a quick downpour with your phone in hand. Or maybe it was the sprinklers coming on while you’re in the yard? Maybe it was as simple as dropping your phone in a puddle.

Every gardener has been there at some point.

With an Armpocket, you don’t have to worry about your phone getting wet in the garden anymore. Feel free to bring your phone outside and don’t worry if there’s a little rain.


You’re outside playing in the dirt. Generally, the dirt will be one of two ways; very dry or wet from the rain. There rarely seems to be any in-between when it comes to my yard. Either way, you’re facing a dirty or dusty day in the garden.

You could, as I have in the past, keep your phone in your pocket. However, if you have ever emptied your pockets after a long day in the yard, you will find they are full of dirt and dust. Why risk that dirt scratching or the dust getting into your phone?

Armpocket armbands are built with dual zippers and durable fabrics to be the first line of defense for your phone against all the dirt you stir up in the garden. And since most Armpockets are machine washable, you can toss yours in the washing machine when you’re finished in the yard and it will be good to go for next time.


This is where dirt meets tech. I don’t know about you, but I love to know everything about the plants in my garden. However, not all that knowledge fits nicely in my head. I often
need to look up something to remember a name, fertilizer schedule, or a sowing date. This is where having my phone handy really helps.

Instead of having to run into the house to look up a quick fact, I can simply move my Armpocket from my arm to my hand and do the research I need. The versatility of Armpocket will give you the freedom to wear your phone how you want and where you want.

Personally, I wear my Armpocket more on my forearm and wrist than I do on my bicep. This gives me quick access to my phone and any research I want to do.


While scratches may not require you to purchase a new phone, they can be really annoying and are so easy to prevent. In the garden, everything from a grain of sand to the thorn of a rose can scratch your phone. But why even put your phone in this position?

Protect your phone, front and back, with Armpocket and scratches in the garden will be a thing of the past. With the easy, touch-thru screen you can use your phone without even unzipping your Armpocket. This will keep your phone safe and in reach without putting it in unnecessary risk…especially from dirty hands.


Okay, so this one might seem a little far-fetched, but promise I’m not going mutts.

A couple months ago, my fiancé and I adopted another puppy, Zander. This little guy is so cute and loves to play. However, he also loves to chew. We keep a lot of toys around and that helps a lot, but sometimes he finds something irresistible and just has to chew. I can’t fault him for this, he is a puppy after all.

Fast-forward a few days and we were all out in the garden. Jamie and I were working on the irrigation and the puppies were having their fill of the sunshine. I had my phone with me so I could pull up some instructions and, of course, it was in my gardening Armpocket to keep it free of dirt and water.

We were at a point where I needed to reach through a fence to grab something so I had to take my Armpocket off for my arm to fit between the pickets. I sat my Armpocket on the ground next to my knee and proceeded to reach through the fence.

That quick, my phone was gone. I go running through the yard to find it and sure enough, I find Zander laying under a palm tree chewing on my Armpocket. He was so cute that I couldn’t be mad at him and if my phone hadn’t been protected inside my Armpocket, I would have taken a picture.

Everything said and done, my phone is safe and sound. But, this just gave me another reason to love my Armpocket. Not only was my phone protected from little puppy teeth, but it survived its bouncy and dirty adventure through the yard.

Are you a gardener? Let us know how you think Armpocket could help in your garden.



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