Feb 15, '17

Taking a vacation? Heading out for a business trip? Visiting the family? Whatever your reason for travel, you should be prepared with all the essentials you might need to make the trip as easy and fun as possible.

A toiletry bag, good suitcase, and phone charger are all things that people keep at the top of their travel lists. Well, we have one more thing that should go at the top of that list…an Armpocket!

You pack your bags and you’re ready to go, but you need to get your wallet, keys, credit cards, cash, tickets, passport, and a lot of other little (very important) things ready before you leave. But where do you put these things?

Throwing things in random pockets of your suitcase or carry-on will just spread them around and make them harder to find. Keeping them in your pockets will open you up to losing things easily. However, storing everything in an Armpocket keeps your essentials in one place and makes them easy to grab and go when you’re trying to be on time.

Check out some of the many ways Armpocket Lets You Travel Like A Pro!

Traveling somewhere cold this winter? Maybe a hiking trip in Iceland or whale watching in Alaska? Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you won’t need your phone! Armpocket will protect your phone from the cold weather, snow, and ice while you enjoy your trip!

Maybe you decided to try a river cruise? The fresh air, the clear waters, and the sea spray. Yes…sea spray happens even on a river cruise. You’ll need a way to protect your phone from the water and Armpocket can help with that. With a certified water resistance rating of IPX4, the spray of the water won’t be a problem.

You’re in a new city. Maybe you’re on a vacation or a business trip, either way, you’ll probably need a map to find your way around. Most people choose to use the GPS on their phone before picking up a paper map these days. Armpocket will keep your phone front and center with its convenient thumb-hold. Now you can attach your phone to your hand without the fear of dropping it.

Sightseeing is something we have all done at one point or another. However, not all places allow big bags. I remember a time when I had to wait outside of a museum while my friends went in because I had a backpack and that wasn’t allowed. With an Armpocket, you can carry everything you need (keys, phone, tickets, cards, ID, cash, passport, and more) in one place and not have to worry about being left out in the cold.

There’s nothing like public transportation in a big city. Whether it’s the cable cars in San Francisco, a cab in New York, or the Tube in London, you need to protect your phone in public. With our ultra-strong, sports Velcro, Armpocket will keep your phone in place and help prevent theft from happening.

We’ve got you covered on a ship and a train, but what about when you’re just walking around and enjoying the day? No worries, we have you covered there as well. Stay hands-free while you take in the splendor of the world and be ready in a flash to take a picture with your phone.

You have everything you need for an amazing day. You grab your phone, wallet, and keys and run out the door to catch a train. You get there and…oops…you forgot your ticket! If you had an Armpocket, you could have had everything you needed (including your ticket) packed and ready the night before so you wouldn’t have to miss your train.

Speaking of packed and ready, Armpocket can really help when it comes to TSA lines. Sure, you can wear flip-flops, sweatpants, and no belt to work your way through the line easier, but what about your phone, keys, cards, cash, ID, ticket, change, and all the other little things you either need ready or visible when you go through security. Keep it all conveniently at the ready for easier travel.

Now that you know how to travel like a pro, let us know where you’re traveling and how your Armpocket will help!



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