Armpocket Celebrates World Teachers Day 2018

Armpocket Celebrates World Teachers Day 2018

Oct 4, '18

Armpocket salutes our dedicated and passionate educators across the globe.  These amazing influencers truly make a difference sharing the responsibility of imparting the knowledge and compassion that will transform our children of today, into valuable, contributing members of tomorrow’s global society. Facing unprecedented and daunting challenges, our teachers stand as a foundation upon which our future is built.

We all remember those special and gifted teachers who helped prepare and shape our values, with a quest for learning. Armed with these critical skills, these influencers helped equip us with the compassion, knowledge, and guidance we call upon every day to surmount life’s constant challenges. 

Armpocket would like to recognize a very dear and extraordinary teacher.  Someone who has been a pivotal and influencing member of our Armpocket family from the our Company’s inception:

Mr. Kim Nielsen
Skelbaek Friskole
Klippinge, Denmark


Sadly, Kim’s sudden and unexpected passing earlier this year has left a void in the hearts of everyone touched by his compassion, mentorship, and leadership.  Like all great educator’s, Kim legacy proudly lives on.  The lives he touched continue in the hearts and minds of everyone who shared the extraordinary experience of being a part of his dynamic and motivating teaching style. The world needs more teachers like Kim – perhaps you?

UNESCO’s, World Teachers’ Day 2018 recognizes education as a key fundamental right, and establishes an entitlement to free compulsory education, ensuring inclusive and equitable access for all children. This year’s World Teachers Conference is now being held in Paris, France.  With the theme, “The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher”, reminds us that the right to education cannot be achieved without the right to trained and qualified teachers.  The estimated 264 million children still out of school globally, is a stark reminder that the need for teachers continues to grow.  Becoming a qualified teacher presents us all with the opportunity to take action, and become a qualified teacher.  Who like Kim, can experience the reward and enduring legacy knowing you’ve made our world a better – and smarter- place for future generations to come.

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