Armband or Belt?: Why Limit Your Options?

Armband or Belt?: Why Limit Your Options?

Jun 21, '19

Being weighed down during a run is the last thing anyone wants (hello--we're trying to beat those PRs, thank you very much)! But when you are hitting the pavement (or a trail), there are just some essentials you can't get around carrying for safety and convenience. In this week's blog, we take a look at the Belt Attachment that converts any Armpocket into a belt, quickly and easily!

As freeing as it is to power through your workout unencumbered by the trappings of your everyday life, for most of us, this simply isn't practical. You need your house key, maybe some just-in-case cash, and, of course, your phone! Your trusty mobile is not only a clutch accessory in an emergency--it can be the best running buddy you've ever had! With the vast selection of fitness apps and trackers available, the world is your oyster when it comes to logging your hard work. Not to mention that your phone is an absolute necessity if you're like me and can't will your body to move without the accompanying sounds of your hard-hitting Spotify playlist, or the cooing voices on your preferred podcast. And, if not for your phone, how would you possibly capture photo content for your #seenonmyrun posts?!

Long-gone are the days of stuffing your phone in your pocket (guilty!) and trudging through the miles having to pull up or adjust your weighed-down shorts. Forget hiding your key in your shoe or precariously holding your phone in your hand and hoping beyond hope that you don't get caught in a rain shower or drop your $1000 investment on the unforgiving pavement. 

Thankfully, the voices of the runners, walkers, and general workout-enthusiasts have been heard, and you no longer have to sacrifice your comfort or performance by lugging along your fitness necessities. Both Running armbands and fitness belts secure your essentials out of the way, keeping you hands-free. Either option is a no-brainer, but which is right for you?


Armband Or Belt: You Don't Have To Choose Anymore!

Generally speaking, the choice between an armband or a belt for your fitness activities is a matter of preference. Some are die-hard armband advocates, touting the easy-access, versatility, and durability. Afterall, Armpocket armbands have clear screens that allow full phone access, can be worn on the bicep, forearm, or hand, and are all rain- and sweat-proof. Those are some pretty convincing specs!

There are belt enthusiasts, however, that prefer carrying their keys, cash, snacks, safety alarms, or even inhalers, in a comfortable, low-profile belt. Everyone and every workout is different! Does this mean you have to solidly place yourself in one camp or the other? Absolutely not! You're a dynamic person and you're allowed to change up your fitness gear based on your needs or mood! 

Now that you're empowered to buy all of the different fitness carrying solutions out there to satisfy your workout whims, pump the breaks a bit. Fitness gear can be expensive, and while GOOD gear is worth every penny spent, do you really need to shell out the easy hundred bucks it will cost to alternate between a separate quality armband and running belt?

Good news, friends: you don't have to choose and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for adaptability.

Armpocket + Belt Attachment

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to fitness. You want your yoga pants to double as outdoor wear. You want your fitness tracker to double as a watch. So, why wouldn't your armband double as a running belt?

Armpocket came up with the perfect solution. Take your Armpocket Armband (and all of the amazing features that come with it) and simply attach an Armpocket Belt your armband is a running belt.

Wait...what? Yes, it's that easy. 

With an Armpocket Armband and Belt Attachment, you can switch from arm to waist and back again in no time at all. What could be better?

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