Jul 10, '17

No one wants to be weighed down with a ton of things while on a run. But, the reality is, you have to carry a few things with you while you’re out.

how to carry my phone while running?

How many times have you typed this into a Google search to find the best way to carry your phone? “How to carry my phone while running?” is one of the most popular searches when it comes to running gear.

The purist might try to get away with just a car or house key. For safety and fitness tracking, others will probably want to bring along their phone. And on long runs, you might need a snack and an energy booster to get through the last few miles.

For me, I’m normally comfortable if I have my keys, a credit card, ID, and phone. It used to be that I would keep these things in my pockets and hands, but I decided a long time ago that I really needed to be hands-free to get the most out of my runs.

My searches for a carrying solution brought me to a lot of articles, blogs, and ads….SO MANY ADS. However, through all of that, it came down to one big question: Armband or Belt for Running?

Both options give me the means to carry what I need and would keep me hands-free. But after some testing, the clear winner was the Armband.

Why you ask? Let me tell you!




The first thing I noticed when trying out holders was how they held on to me. Some had buckles, others Velcro, and still others had no connectors at all!

Belts with buckles always seemed to pinch when I was trying to get the right fit. One belt even had me slip it on like I was putting on a pair of underwear. Ummm, no.

What I found was a strong, sports Velcro was the best option for me. I was able to easily adjust for a snug fit and quickly readjust during my run as needed.



Comfort was probably the most important item of this list and the thing that was hardest for me to find.

I will keep this short and sweet. If I know it’s there, it’s not comfortable. What I mean is, it doesn’t matter if it’s made out of the softest material on the planet, if I can feel it while I’m running, then I’m not going to want to wear it.

This is where belts really fell short. I was always left with a noticeable pouch that eventually left a pretty significant sweat mark around my waist. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The ONLY product I tried that I completely forgot I was wearing was my Armpocket armband. It has memory foam padding, moisture wicking fabric, and is light enough that it never bounced on my arm.



This one comes down to your style. I like to switch music, check my fitness tracker, and look at the time while I’m running. Others might just start their music and not touch their phone until the run is over.

So, for me, an armband gives me access to my phone without even removing it from the armband. I haven’t found a belt yet that gives me this type of visibility and control while running.



Music is a MUST for my runs. Without music, I would be bored before my run is over.

With that said, I am not a big fan of most Bluetooth headphones. Unlike the waterproof and wireless headphones from Armpocket, my main gripe with most Bluetooth cans is due mostly because of the poor battery life, sound quality, and the general cost associated with them. It's really no wonder then that although wireless options abound, many runners still prefer to have a wired connection to their music

However, wired earbuds come at a cost. I have to deal with a cord. And, there is nothing more annoying than a cord bouncing all over the place while I’m running. 

With belts, I found that no matter what I did, the cord was always out and in front of me. My Armpocket armband stores whatever extra cord I don’t need with the Zip-n-Stow Velcro holder meaning my cord and headphones stay out of the way.



When I first started this journey, I thought a belt was a belt and an armband was an armband. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Testing out belts, there were only two ways to wear them: With my stuff in front of or behind me. However, the armband I purchased had the ability to be worn on my bicep, forearm, wrist, hand, ankle, waist, and I could even attach it to my handlebars when I switch out running for biking.

My armband won HANDS DOWN in the versatility category.


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