Jun 5, '18

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to get dad a gift he’ll really use. There are a lot of different kinds of dads out there. Each kind of dad needs a completely different kind of gift for Father’s Day.

It doesn’t matter if dad works with his hands, loves to hit the gym, lives for the adventure, or stays home with the kids all day…we have the perfect gift for him.

Check out these different types of dads and we’ll let you know how Armpocket will work for each.











“Oh…I can fix that.” How many times have you heard this in your house?

Some dads can and some dads can’t, but what almost always rings true is that they will try. Whether it is fixing the sink or building a piece of furniture, dads love to get their hands dirty.

Armpocket will give dad the extra hand he needs to tackle any job. His phone will be protected from water, dirt, mud, sand, sawdust, and the occasional drop. All of this while giving him instant access to instructions, DIY videos, or even his music.

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Fitness Dad

Some dads are all about staying fit and healthy. Who can blame them?

Maybe he wakes up early to hit the gym or go for a run before coming home and making breakfast. Maybe he works out during lunch so he doesn’t cut into family time. No matter how dad gets in his workout, he needs a way to carry his lifeline (phone) when he does.

From listening to music to being available for your call…Armpocket will keep his phone protected and handy.

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Stay at home dad

He cooks, he cleans, and he loves every minute of it. Much like moms that stay home with the kids, stay-at-home-dads are a special kind of hero.

It doesn’t matter if he’s mowing the lawn or making spaghetti for dinner, dad needs to have his phone on-hand at all times in case of an emergency.

Armpocket gives dad the freedom to manage his household and keep his phone handy. It will protect against splattering sauce while dad is trying out a new Pinterest recipe. It will prevent scratches when he passes his phone to the kids to keep them occupied. And, it will give him the peace of mind to focus on what is really important.

Pictured: Mega i-40, Arctic Storm >>




Adventure dad

This is a special kind of dad. This is a dad who won’t back down from the challenges that life hands him.

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe dad travels for work and needs a way to carry his phone, tickets, and passport. Dad might be retired and trying to visit a bucket list worth of places. Or, he might stay right in his hometown but take advantage of every adventure he can find.

No matter what the adventure, dad needs his phone. Armpocket was designed to carry everything a person needs when they are out and about. Keys, ID, credit cards, cash, phone, passport, and more can fit inside the right Armpocket for dads adventures.

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There are many more kinds of dads out there. Click to find us on social and let us know what kind of dad you’re shopping for.


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