12 Days of Fitmas

12 Days of Fitmas

Dec 4, '20
This is the time of year when everyone gets BUSY! And we’re overwhelmed with activities, shopping, traditions, and all of that holiday food. Sometimes we forget to slow down and enjoy the time, and we forget to take care of ourselves!

How about a little 12 Days of Fitmas challenge to help us get through the holidays?

Day #1: Let’s start with everyone’s favorite! Burpees! Can you do 25?

Day #2: Take a walk around the neighborhood and check out the holiday lights! Don’t forget to stay bright yourself with an LED Safety Light!

Day #3: How many push-ups can you do? Whether you do them on your knees or toes, they count!

Day #4: Sleep! Yes, this is part of your overall health. Can you get 8 hours tonight, or at least get into bed a little earlier than usual?

Day #5: Can you listen to (or sing) your entire favorite Christmas song while you do a wall-sit?

Day #6: Chug, chug! Don’t forget to get half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. It’s so important!

Day #7: Let’s get back to fresh air! How about a jog outside? Keep your phone with you with an Armpocket armband.

Day #8: Work those abs! Can you do 100 crunches?

Day #9: Have you tried a new healthy recipe recently? Break up all of those holiday treats with something new. Some of our favorites come from Skinnytaste!

Day #10: When you’re on the floor doing all of that gift wrapping, pause for a second and plank! How long can you hold for?

Day #11: Dance party! There is no better way to burn calories and some stress than to blast your favorite song and dance it out.

Day #12: All is calm. Take some time today to relax, enjoy the people around you, and soak it all in.

We hope you have the happiest and healthiest of holidays!