Offer: Extra Storage Pouches

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We know that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to your gear. These removable storage pouches allow you to take the few extra items you need along with you on your run, walk, or errands, and also allow you to easily remove them when you don't! Armpocket Zippered Series armbands, along with the Active Belt (both sold separately) already have built-in storage, but these pouches are the ideal solution on those days you need a bit more to be prepared. Perfect for inhalers, travel sunscreen, lip balm, or a snack!

Other features:

  1. Includes 2 pouches: 1 large, 1 small
  2. Easily slide onto your belt or armband strap when you need extra room for additional items
  3. Strong velcro closures for easy access but secure storage
  4. Made from eco-friendly recycled plastic (PET) fibers
  1. Small Pouch: 3.5 (H) x 2.75 (W) x 1.0 (Depth)
  2. Large Pouch: 5.0 (H) x 3.0 (W) x 0.5 (Depth)